For decades Argentina was a poster child for the policies of Wall Street, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  But instead of the boom that was promised, their economy collapsed.  Argentines stormed supermarkets for food.  The police gunned down 30 people in just one day.  But when people could have turned on one another in fear and desperation,  they turned to each other in mutual support.


'Que se vayan todos!' Chants echo off the skyscrapers,  and clamor down the streets of Buenos Aires. 'Throw them all out!' shout legions of frustrated  housewives, students, blue and white collar workers banging on pots and pans. These are their stories - of a failed economy and distrusted politicians, of heartache and hard times, a resurgence of grass roots democracy, and an irrepressible spirit of community - told in colorful, resonant detail.


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Text Box: “Illustrates in a beautiful and powerful way the potential in ordinary people to care for one another and to organize their resources, communities and enterprises to the benefit of all...”  

David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, and The Post Corporate World

“For anyone who has ever felt despair or pessimism in the face of the global economy, [the film] is a powerful and inspiring antidote.  A cogent critique of neo-liberalism and a compelling alternative.” 

Juliet Schor, author of  The Overworked American, and 
The Overspent American

“… powerful scenes and a clear political message:  even in such difficult times there is hope of a better world.” 

Arturo Santa-Cruz,  
University of Guadalajara

“An eloquent and powerful film about  a country and a situation that few Americans know much about. It is not only educational but inspirational in its depiction of a people fighting for justice under what seem impossible circumstances.”   

Howard Zinn,  author of A People’s History of the United States

“... panoramic shot of Argentine activism in 2002, capturing the grass-roots power people felt as they transformed the broken pieces of their country into new opportunities. This  is the best documentary yet on what was a pivotal moment in Argentina's history and should be required viewing for anyone who is interested in 
working for a better world.” 

Ben Dangl, Z Net author of
Resource Wars
Text Box: 2005 Winner 
CINE Golden Eagle

ARGENTINA—HOPE IN HARD TIMES joins in the processions,  protests, and neighborhood assemblies, visits workers' cooperatives and urban gardens, to take a close-up look as Argentines pick up the pieces of their devastated economy and create new possibilities for the future.  With humor strength, and resilience the Argentine people tell these tales.  Their energy is reflected in the film's vibrant music and lively pace;  their optimism and pride in its message of hope.

Argentina - Hope in Hard Times

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