Text Box: Global trade agreements are expanding what corporations can own and control -  from things like machinery, to knowledge and living creatures.   But what are the consequences for the environment, the food supply, and human rights?  This documentary shares the stories of farmers, indigenous people, and anti– globalization activists who oppose patents on life and advocate for a world where life is not a commodity but something to be treasured.  

Not For Sale / No Se Vende  is quick and contemporary in presentation, lavishly illustrated with fields, farms, markets and laboratories, in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Producers:   Melissa Young 
and Mark Dworkin

Film Festivals:

Hazel Wolf Environmental, Buenos Aires International Independent, Irvine Human Rights, Barcelona International Environmental, UN Association– Palo Alto, Vermont, Columbus, Northwest Film and Video, Environmental Film (Wash. D.C.), Santa Cruz, East Lansing.

WYBE Philadelphia

Environmental Media Award—Nominee

Where’s our food coming from?  Not from the farmers and the good ranchers, it’s coming from the factory farms and the laboratories of corporate agribusiness.


Jim Hightower

Some people think that biodiversity offers an economic opportunity for poor communities who have a lot of biodiversity.  They see our biodiversity as another raw material for the pharmaceutical industry.   


Elizabeth Bravo

Should we be able to patent life, and naturally occurring DNA  sequences?  Do these belong to a person that happens to isolate them in the laboratory?  Why don’t they belong to the country where they originated or to society at large?         


Steve Jones

Our DNA is not ours to buy, sell, or  to patent.  Our DNA was passed on to us from our ancestors.  We have a responsibility as human beings to pass our genetic heritage on to our children.


Debra Harry

Seeds are the center of the food chain.  So if you control the seeds, you control the food supply system.


Anuradha Mittal

© 2013

Moving Images

Not for Sale - No Se Vende

“A brilliant documentary  that finally demonstrates the connection between biodiversity and cultural diversity, between resistance to globalization and social and environmental justice.”    


                                                                              Devon Pena, University of Washington

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